Kristen och Rob tillsammans i LA

Det råder ingen tvekna om att Kristen och Robert är tillsammans igen (om dom nu någonsin gjorde slut?). Nytagna bilder på dom i deras nya hem i Los Angeles talar sitt tydliga språk. :)

Så här skriver Popsugar om bilderna:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissed while hanging out at her new house in LA yesterday. The couple showed PDA while embracing each other and sharing a few laughs on a patio. Kristen later emerged in her swimwear for a dip. It's the latest romantic rendezvous for the reunited duo, who were first spotted back together in public at Ye Olde Rustic Inn in Los Feliz over the weekend. Rob and Kristen cuddled outside the bar and chatted with friends before leaving together for the night.

They have yet to make an official appearance together since rekindling their relationship in the wake of Kristen's Summer cheating scandal, but they'll be back in the spotlight soon since press for Breaking Dawn Part 2 kicks off next week. Rob and Kristen are expected to travel overseas for multiple stops and will both be on the red carpet at the big LA premiere on Nov. 12. Kristen was solo, though, to participate in a live online chat for Balenciaga this afternoon.



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