SPOILER för The Vampire Diaries säsong 4

Corey in Indianapolis: Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing about Elena, Damon and Stefan. I really want something on Jeremy though!

Kat Graham talked to us about Jeremy’s situation in TVD's fourth season, and it sounds like he’s got a big journey ahead. “Jeremy is going to be becoming something new that I think the fans will really like,” she tells us mysteriously. Is there a chance he could become Bonnie’s boo again? “You get to see them have some scenes together in the first episode, which is really cool, and we’ve had a lot of scenes since,” she reveals. “[But] I think it’s yet to be determined. I think it was such a heartbreak for the character when she discovered that he was having an affair with a ghost. She’s got a lot of mending and healing to do. So she might give him another chance, or she might think that friendship is really where they should remain.”


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