SPOILERS för The Vampire Diaries säsong 4

Tre nya spoilers har kommit ut för TVD s4. Läs nedan:

@itsmrswesley: Will Stefan be putting a ring on Elena’s finger?
He will be entirely too busy dealing with this situation to even think about locking down Elena. Or, to put it a better way, here is Kat Graham: “I think this is one of our biggest seasons so far. You’re going to see an interesting shift with Elena in the first few episodes,” she tells us. As for her own character? “Bonnie is going to meet somebody who is going to have a huge impact on her future,” Graham teases.

Who will Elena lean on during her transition on The Vampire Diaries? – Jennie
 The better question might be, “What does she rely on?” Remember in Season 1 when both Elena and Stefan wrote in their journals? Expect a significant callback. If these pages could talk, we’d love to know what it would say when she writes, “Dear Diary, I am now a vampire.”

Question: Please, what do you have on Vampire Diaries? - Maxwell

Ausiello: I have a good piece of advice: Watch Episode 7 live. And in the company of friends. And with lots of alcohol (or root beer if you’re under 21). And with copious snacks.



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