CW's "Capture" hade premiär igår

Och för er som inte vet vad "Capture" är så kan jag berätta att det är en reality-serie baserad på The Hunger Games! Det går ut på att flera lag (två och två) tävlar mot varandra under en månads tid ute i skogen där de får utföra olika uppdrag, bli jagade och vara jagare (sk hunters), och det team som blir sist kvar vinner 250 000 dollar.

Ni kan se en bättre beskrivning på engelska nedan. 

Detta är trailern till programmet som hade premiär igår:

Om ni vill se det första avsnittet av serien så finns det FLERA LÄNKAR TILL DET HÄR. Själv har jag inte tittat än men tänker göra det ikväll! :)


In the wild, you are either the hunter or you are the prey. Twelve teams of two are about to enter the Hunting Grounds, a high-tech wilderness compound, where they must live in primitive conditions for one month in a winner-take-all battle to survive. At the mercy of the Game Master, the teams compete against each other for scarce resources and a $250,000 grand prize.

Each week, different teams are designated as the Hunters. The teams being hunted are living on limited rations and wearing high-tech equipment that forces them to stay constantly on the move, making hunger and exhaustion very real problems. Additional food can be found at the Supply Station, but since the Hunters may the area staked out at any time, a visit to the Station is extremely risky. Emotions run high and sabotage is common as the teams all work to stay on the move and out of the range of the Hunters. The individual teams work through the tension and tough conditions, but relationships are often pushed to the breaking point.

Meanwhile, the Hunters are using strategy and the latest GPS technology to track down the other teams and tag them by activating a pulsating device known as the Talon. When the Hunters have two teams in captivity, the rest of the competitors will vote on who stays and who goes. As the teams are eliminated, the Game Master also continuously decreases the size of the playing field, making hiding places even scarcer for those who remain. In this sophisticated game of cat-and-mouse, only one team will prevail to walk away with the $250,000 prize. CAPTURE is from Renegade 83 and Blackbird Television in association with Warner Horizon Television with executive producers David Garfinkle (“Ready for Love”), Jay Renfroe (“Ready for Love”) and Greg Goldman (“Ready for Love”), Brady Connell (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”) and co-executive producers Shye Sutherland (“Fear Factor”) & Sean Foley (“Survivor”).



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